[QBS] Quick reference for porting pro files?

Tom Sutcliffe devtomsci at me.com
Mon Mar 5 12:47:58 CET 2012

[Resending with correct address!]

>> Also note that currently building with qbs on Windows has some
>> limitations, as it doesn't define all the same definitions as qmake. For
>> example, it doesn't build with big file support, nor unicode. You can
>> have a little explanation on the task link.
> You're probably talking about MinGW here. The MSVC cpp module defines 
> UNICODE and WIN32. We should do the same in the MinGW module of course.

True those two are defined but there are still a bunch missing - for eg in my release build (msvc2010, compared to qmake on 4.7.4):


are all missing from qbs's output (as of latest git). Admittedly nothing in my project relies on any of those, except for QT_NO_DEBUG which changes the meaning of some custom assert macros.


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