[Qbs] Compiling QtCreator QbsProjectManager plugin with Qbs

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Tue Feb 21 05:02:39 CET 2017

בתאריך 21 בפבר׳ 2017 01:29,‏ "Wolfgang Baron" <Wolfgang.Baron at gmx.net> כתב:

Hi all,

I am trying to compile QtCreator for debugging and I like Qbs, so I tried
compiling QtCreator using the Qbs project file using QtCreator-4.2.1 and
Qt-5.8 msvc2015 32 bits on Windows 10 (current version installed through
web installer). In fact, I also tried 64 bits with the same result.

All seemed well, but then I noticed, QbsProjectManager was not there, which
was the main reason I compiled QtCreator in the first place. The project
manager shows QbsProjectManager in grey, implying an ignored state. A check
on why this could be lead me to property "condition" of the
QbsProjectManager product. I replaced the condition with:

    condition: {
            console.info("buildQbsProjectManager " +
            return project.buildQbsProjectManager;

This printed "true". I changed the calculation of buildQbsProjectManager in
the surrounding "src.qbs" and also got the information, that
QbsProjectManager should be built. Nonetheless, it is grey in the QtCreator
project view and is not built.
What is happening here? How can I persuade QtCreator/Qbs to build
QbsProjectManager nontheless?

Thanks for any advice!


Assuming you got the sources from git, did you clone the qbs submodule?

If not, run git submodule update --init

- Orgad
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