[Qbs] Compiling QtCreator QbsProjectManager plugin with Qbs

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at qt.io
Tue Feb 21 11:07:46 CET 2017

On 02/21/2017 12:29 AM, Wolfgang Baron wrote:
> I am trying to compile QtCreator for debugging and I like Qbs, so I
> tried compiling QtCreator using the Qbs project file using
> QtCreator-4.2.1 and Qt-5.8 msvc2015 32 bits on Windows 10 (current
> version installed through web installer). In fact, I also tried 64 bits
> with the same result.
> All seemed well, but then I noticed, QbsProjectManager was not there,
> which was the main reason I compiled QtCreator in the first place. The
> project manager shows QbsProjectManager in grey, implying an ignored
> state. A check on why this could be lead me to property "condition" of
> the QbsProjectManager product. I replaced the condition with:
>     condition: {
>             console.info("buildQbsProjectManager " +
> project.buildQbsProjectManager);
>             return project.buildQbsProjectManager;
>     }
> This printed "true". I changed the calculation of buildQbsProjectManager
> in the surrounding "src.qbs" and also got the information, that
> QbsProjectManager should be built. Nonetheless, it is grey in the
> QtCreator project view and is not built.
> What is happening here? 

Good question. The condition is either true or false; if it prints true,
it should at least try to build the product.
Note that products can get force-disabled if a (recoverable) error is
encountered when loading them, such as a missing dependency. You should
see a warning message in that case, though.


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