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Would like to know what I omitted in a Linux installation.

I took a Linux distribution without any installed Qt;  I downloaded the 4.8 version of Qt from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/sdk-linux-x11-64bit-cpp
and as root, ran the installation to /opt, by following the prompts from the installation script.

I subsequently downloaded the SDK from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/linux-x11-cpp  and installed it, responding to the prompts.

When using the SDK, however, if I click on a classname in the source, there is no prompt for F1 to fetch the class description.  Pressing F1 for help says it can't find qmake.

 Why did I take both versions?  I do some testing via the Linux command line, and I like to do most of the coding via the SDK. But the intersection of the two sets of parameters do not match.  So, I am keeping a second window open on a second machine, pointing to the web listings.

Is there some way to allow the SDK to find the command line files or is there a document that accompanies the download that explains what is required in moving directories from /opt to elsewhere?  

Is there some more detailed documentation target Linux is 64bit, any version.  I chose to download from the nokia site to insure that my software matches the current code, and not libraries in a distribution. The distribution library may be months behind 




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