[Qt-creator] Towards Qt Creator 2.6, the debugger side

andre.poenitz at nokia.com andre.poenitz at nokia.com
Thu May 10 17:59:47 CEST 2012

Hi all.

Now that 2.5 is out of the door I'd like to start with a couple of clean
ups in the gdb parts of the debugger plugin.

The officially minimal gdb version supported by Qt Creator 2.5 is FSF 7.2
for Linux and Window, and  Apple's 6.3-*-1461 for Mac. Older ones usually 
work, too, more or less accidentally due to a bunch of version specific
workarounds. Some of these workarounds cause extra load during the 
actually debugging (even when using a recent version), so I'd really like
to get rid of them.

For Qt Creator 2.6 I'd like to bump the minimum requirement to gdb 7.4.1.
There are binaries for Linux and Windows on http://builds.qt-project.org.

The situation around the FSF gdb on Mac seems to be a bit better now.
With a bit of luck there _might_ be a usable FSF gdb (7.4+) at 2.6 beta
time. Right now there are no known immediate crashes, only "minor"
problems related to far binaries and breakpoints in larger applications,
which might or might not be fixable or ignorable.

If - and that's a big "IF" - this happens, I'll remove the MI/varobj and  
part of the breakpoint "discovery" code completely from the debugger
plugin, and the 7.4.1 version requirement will become a hard one.

!    If someone out there currently uses a Qt Creator for "unusual"
!    targets (I know there are a few...) _and_ can absolutely not
!    upgrade to a (python-enabled!) gdb 7.4.1 (I am not aware of such
!    cases) please speak up as soon as possible.


[PS: The cdb side will be unaffected, and nobody I am aware of keeps 
track of lldb currently.]

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