[Qt-creator] Towards Qt Creator 2.6, the debugger side

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Thu May 10 19:11:33 CEST 2012

10.05.2012, 20:00, "andre.poenitz at nokia.com" <andre.poenitz at nokia.com>:
> Hi all.
> Now that 2.5 is out of the door I'd like to start with a couple of clean
> ups in the gdb parts of the debugger plugin.
> The officially minimal gdb version supported by Qt Creator 2.5 is FSF 7.2
> for Linux and Window, and  Apple's 6.3-*-1461 for Mac. Older ones usually
> work, too, more or less accidentally due to a bunch of version specific
> workarounds. Some of these workarounds cause extra load during the
> actually debugging (even when using a recent version), so I'd really like
> to get rid of them.
> For Qt Creator 2.6 I'd like to bump the minimum requirement to gdb 7.4.1.
> There are binaries for Linux and Windows on http://builds.qt-project.org.
> The situation around the FSF gdb on Mac seems to be a bit better now.
> With a bit of luck there _might_ be a usable FSF gdb (7.4+) at 2.6 beta
> time. Right now there are no known immediate crashes, only "minor"
> problems related to far binaries and breakpoints in larger applications,
> which might or might not be fixable or ignorable.
> If - and that's a big "IF" - this happens, I'll remove the MI/varobj and
> part of the breakpoint "discovery" code completely from the debugger
> plugin, and the 7.4.1 version requirement will become a hard one.
> !    If someone out there currently uses a Qt Creator for "unusual"
> !    targets (I know there are a few...) _and_ can absolutely not
> !    upgrade to a (python-enabled!) gdb 7.4.1 (I am not aware of such
> !    cases) please speak up as soon as possible.

I'm using Qt Creator on Mac OS X/PPC, and there is no gdb 7.x for this


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