[Qt-creator] Tweaking qt-creator look and feel.

Paulo Silva paulo.jnkml at gmail.com
Thu May 17 11:06:25 CEST 2012

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

> 1. I like the idea of hidden labels of mode icons ("Welcome" etc.). It could
> be implemented in mainline as an option.

Well, it''s not just that, but the bar is also less than half the
original width. =)

> 2. Probably you are right that build/run/debug buttons are misplaced. They should
> stay somewhere on top and stop button should be among them, but I'm not sure
> if they should replace settings of project tree.

I wouldn't say misplaced. The reason I placed them on every project
cell on the tree view is because when I work with several projects,
ex: several libs + 1 app that uses those libs, if I want to compile an
inactive project I need to right click and select the build option.
Sometimes I wish I had a button just for that.

Another possibility would be for the project selection to be by double
clicking on its name, instead of left click + menu option.
Then I could at least use the key shortcut to build the project. Still
a bit, but at least less work than it is now.

> 3. IMO tabs rapidly become unusable while number of open files grow; however
> I rarely use "Xcode-like" outline in editor toolbar and prefer sidebar outline, so
> place in editor's toolbar could be used for something else tabs for recent 2-3 files.

I also agree. But since the open files widget is still there, the
current usability would not change.
As for tabs versus drop-down menu, in my usage experience can't
remember ever using it.
I either use the open files widget or option+tab to cycle through the
open buffers.
Hoever I do think that tabs are still better than the drop-down menu,
specially when there's up to say 10 tabs open or so.

Using a scheme à-lá chrome then I would say it would be incomparably better.
In chrome the tabs don't go out of screen (could be a layout option),
they are just resized (all to the same size).
Since the rest of the app is really slim looking, it's actually easier
to get a lot of tabs in there.
I think I rarely edit more than say 10~20 files at the same time. And
if I do, I usually endup closing some, otherwise I just get too
confused. And it's actually slower to switch between the important
That is, the probability of the screen getting too crammed with tabs is low.

A tabbar with ordering scheme selection would also be cool. Like FIFO,
manual, most used. etc.


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