[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Sascha Cunz sascha-ml at babbelbox.org
Mon May 28 00:05:33 CEST 2012

On Sunday, 27. May 2012 22:08:18 I wrote:

> Actually, QtCreator shows a clickable symbol near the changed definition /
> declaration; if you click it (or hit alt-enter), QtCreator refactors the
> counter part, BUT source navigation opens the destination file and jumps the
> cursor there.

I just rechecked this. If you hit alt-enter and select "Apply function 
signature changes", QtCreator 2.5 *indeed does* silently change the signature 
without switching to the source file.
OTOH, if you click onto the light bulb, it *does* jump to the signature.

Is this different behaviour desired?


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