[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Geronimo Ma. Hernandez geronimo013 at gmx.com
Wed May 30 05:53:01 CEST 2012

On Dienstag 29 Mai 2012, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
> On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:52 AM, Geronimo Ma. Hernandez
> <geronimo013 at gmx.com
> > wrote:
> > 
> > But after all, netbeans, eclipse and even kdevelop have some nice
> > features. And if those features make live easier, why not go for it?
> Serious answer:
> It depends on the feature. Eclipse, in particular, is what results when
> people are encouraged to add features without constraint. 


Debian is the opposite. It has a strong quality service and a project leader, 
that looks for quality, therefor it is not just the best linux, its also a 
base for lots of variants.

I only like eclipse as an java ide. The rest ...
... let's change to talk about more pleasing things.

> I can't speak for myself, but one of the reasons that *I* am using
> QtCreator is that it is light-weight ...

That was my first impression aside the very attractive look: whow, its really 
And even more: most things you need are there, where you look for it. That's 
that much of intuitive, that I don't understand André's position respect to 
debugger support - or better said: the reaction of an unsupported debugger 

May be my "poor" sounded respectless, where it never was that intention. At 
that point, I was talking as user, not as developer.

Talking about consistency: a little version check together with a nice popup: 
"your debugger version is unsupported. Please upgrade debugger to version xyz" 
would match the high quality of the rest of QtCreator.

> But not at the cost of bloat or inconsistency.

Fully agree!

kind regards


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