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> > Hello Guido!
> >
> > I really hate people introducing new modes: They break the keyboard
> > shortcuts (Ctrl-2 for edit, Ctrl-7 for Help, etc.) that I came to
> > depend on.
> I don't want to be hated. :-( :-( :-(
> My answer (also for Eike): I am in a commercial project, which wants
> to use QtCreator as base for its development framework. When I am done,
> most of the QtCreator stuff will be gone or replaced by custom plugins.
> It won't be QtCreator anymore.
> > Can't you just (integrate your mode with|replace) an existing one?
> > E.g. the pages in the welcome mode can be reused IIRC to make creating
> > custom welcome modes simple.
> I can do many things. But I am still in the phase where to discover how
> to do things best. :-)

Good good :)

So, I can give you some hint on what you might want to explore as well (basically filling
in the details of what Tobias said about the welcome mode):

The welcome mode can be extended through implementations of Utils::IWelcomePage (throw
instances in the plugin manager object pool at startup). That adds pages like the
"Getting started" and "Develop" tabs. All pages of "stock" Qt Creator are defined in
other plugins, not the Welcome plugin itself, namely ProjectExplorer and QtSupport, so if you disable/remove these you are free what to put in the welcome mode (except for the Qt Creator branding).

And a little word of warning: We don't care about binary/source compatibility
between Qt Creator versions, and things may heavily change in source and binary incompatible ways.
Just so you know :)

Br, Eike

> How the final result will look like? No idea, yet.
> Guido

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