[Qt-creator] Creator 2.7.0 build on Mac 10.8.3 won't launch

Israel Brewster israel at eraalaska.net
Tue Apr 23 17:51:06 CEST 2013

On Apr 22, 2013, at 11:58 PM, Ziller Eike <Eike.Ziller at digia.com> wrote:

>> The stuff in src/tools/ are standalone tools separate from Qt Creator, so not related.

Makes sense, it's simply the only file my greping came up with. Obviously my greping isn't good enough :-)

> Qt Creator exits with code 1 if it cannot find its "Core" plugin (though it also should print a message). How did you try to build Qt Creator? (qmake build should work, the qbs build in 2.7 is known to be broken on Mac OS).

I built using qmake. Specifically:

/usr/local/qt-5.0.2/bin/qmake -r
make -j4

Maybe the -r was wrong? I don't remember where I saw that...

> Basically "Qt Creator.app/Contents/PlugIns/QtProject/" should contain files like "Core.pluginspec" (and corresponding libraries).

izzyimac:QtProject israel$ pwd
/Users/israel/Downloads/qt-creator-2.7.0-src/bin/Qt Creator.app/Contents/PlugIns/QtProject
izzyimac:QtProject israel$ ls
AnalyzerBase.pluginspec			Locator.pluginspec			libAndroid_debug.dylib			libMacros_debug.dylib
Android.pluginspec			Macros.pluginspec			libAutotoolsProjectManager_debug.dylib	libMadde_debug.dylib
AutotoolsProjectManager.pluginspec	Madde.pluginspec			libBazaar_debug.dylib			libMercurial_debug.dylib
Bazaar.pluginspec			Mercurial.pluginspec			libBinEditor_debug.dylib		libPerforce_debug.dylib
BinEditor.pluginspec			Perforce.pluginspec			libBookmarks_debug.dylib		libProjectExplorer_debug.dylib
Bookmarks.pluginspec			ProjectExplorer.pluginspec		libCMakeProjectManager_debug.dylib	libQmlDesigner_debug.dylib
CMakeProjectManager.pluginspec		QmlDesigner.pluginspec			libCVS_debug.dylib			libQmlJSEditor_debug.dylib
CVS.pluginspec				QmlJSEditor.pluginspec			libClassView_debug.dylib		libQmlJSTools_debug.dylib
ClassView.pluginspec			QmlJSTools.pluginspec			libCodePaster_debug.dylib		libQmlProfiler_debug.dylib
CodePaster.pluginspec			QmlProfiler.pluginspec			libCore_debug.dylib			libQmlProjectManager_debug.dylib
Core.pluginspec				QmlProjectManager.pluginspec		libCppEditor_debug.dylib		libQt4ProjectManager_debug.dylib
CppEditor.pluginspec			Qt4ProjectManager.pluginspec		libCppTools_debug.dylib			libQtSupport_debug.dylib
CppTools.pluginspec			QtSupport.pluginspec			libDebugger_debug.dylib			libRemoteLinux_debug.dylib
Debugger.pluginspec			RemoteLinux.pluginspec			libDesigner_debug.dylib			libResourceEditor_debug.dylib
Designer.pluginspec			ResourceEditor.pluginspec		libDiffEditor_debug.dylib		libSubversion_debug.dylib
DiffEditor.pluginspec			Subversion.pluginspec			libFakeVim_debug.dylib			libTaskList_debug.dylib
FakeVim.pluginspec			TaskList.pluginspec			libFind_debug.dylib			libTextEditor_debug.dylib
Find.pluginspec				TextEditor.pluginspec			libGLSLEditor_debug.dylib		libTodo_debug.dylib
GLSLEditor.pluginspec			Todo.pluginspec				libGenericProjectManager_debug.dylib	libUpdateInfo_debug.dylib
GenericProjectManager.pluginspec	UpdateInfo.pluginspec			libGit_debug.dylib			libValgrind_debug.dylib
Git.pluginspec				Valgrind.pluginspec			libHelloWorld_debug.dylib		libVcsBase_debug.dylib
HelloWorld.pluginspec			VcsBase.pluginspec			libHelp_debug.dylib			libWelcome_debug.dylib
Help.pluginspec				Welcome.pluginspec			libImageViewer_debug.dylib
ImageViewer.pluginspec			libAnalyzerBase_debug.dylib		libLocator_debug.dylib
izzyimac:QtProject israel$ 

So Core.pluginspec is there. It's just not being loaded, apparently. Hmm....

> Br, Eike
>> Any tips on where to look to figure this out would be appreciated. Incidentally, a seemingly identical build on a different machine (that does not have a clean install of the OS, and as such doubtless has numerous third-party/different versions of libraries installed) did work. It's just this clean machine that it is not working on.
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