[Qt-creator] BareMetal Target Plugin

Daniel Teske daniel.teske at digia.com
Wed Aug 14 11:44:44 CEST 2013

On Tuesday 13 Aug 2013 17:27:21 Tim Sander wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 13. August 2013, 12:06:10 schrieb Daniel Teske:
> > > I have a BareMetalKit up and running. I have two problems right now:
> > > * the Kit and the Device Dialog apear twice. Probably i changed the
> > > provider name or s.th. and now i have some inconsistencies?
> > 
> > No idea.
> Somehow i changed s.th. in the baremetal.pluginspec and after a rebuild
> the double entries where gone.
> > > * If i disable qt in the kit then i can't select the kit in the QMake
> > > dialog even if config -= qt is set. Any idea where this check might be
> > > hidden?
> > 
> > That's correct if you are using .pro files you need a qt version, as
> > those need a qmake (and various auxilary files).
> Yes, but if i am cross building i can have a local qmake and a target
> without qt and i can build the binary for the target without qt on target
> with a local qmake as build system. So if you have a qmake project with
> "config -= qt" there is no reason to grey out that widget if no qt version
> is set.
You'll need at least the mkspec/default, mkspec/*.pri and mkspec/features (and 
for qt5 mkspec/modules) for qmake to work. 

The only additional requirement Creator has are that the directories returned 
by qmake -query QT_HOST_BINS and qmake -query QT_INSTALL_HEADERS have to 
exist. Those are to catch qt installations that are incomplete, which does 
happen from time to time. 


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