[Qt-creator] String freeze for 2.7 on February 21

Poenitz Andre Andre.Poenitz at digia.com
Mon Feb 18 18:53:35 CET 2013

Hi all.

Just a little reminder for the people involved with translations
of Qt Creator: We plan to go into string freeze for the 2.7 release
on Thursday (and to avoid mishaps, let's just say 18:00 CET).
After that there's two weeks left until the first release candidate
according to the usual timeline.

Despite the fridge hiccups^H^H^H some last-minute addititions after 
the feature freeze the current state looks pretty much usable to me. 
So feel free to try a build  from the 2.7 branch already now, and 
report any unusual behaviour and regressions using the usual means
(bugreports.qt-project.org, #qt-creator on FreeNode IRC, or here).

Happy coding.

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