[Qt-creator] French translation: update for 2.7

Thibaut Cuvelier dourouc05 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 22:08:05 CET 2013


I'm one of the guys who translated Qt Creator in French; we completely
missed version 2.6, and would like to update our work for 2.7.

But what's the best way, knowing the string freeze is quite soon (on the
21st, it seems:
go and translate 2.6, then update the file for 2.7 (how?), or directly go
and translate 2.7, even though the freeze did not happen yet? The goal is
to avoid possible loss of work while updating the translation, and
minimizing the amount of time required to provide that translation (I guess
changes will not happen frequently from now on?).

Thank you in advance!

Thibaut Cuvelier
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