[Qt-creator] Beautifier plugin

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gna.org
Thu Apr 30 00:07:02 CEST 2015

On 30/04/15 05:46, Lorenz Haas wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK there is no definition file for QtC style. Some time ago I started
> working on a configuration file for Uncrustify but ran into some
> trouble. Didn't have found time again to work on since then...

Would you mind to share you definition file(s), maybe some of us could 
contribute to it.

> Apart from that I use this plugin on a daily basis (solely with
> Uncrustify) and haven't had any problems yet. There is one essential
> function missing though: Format all files in a project. I already
> started working on this but unfortunately I was running low on time
> lately. I still hope to finish this feature before next feature freeze.

Another idea, would be to hook on the saving of the document, QtC 
already do some cleanup when you save a file (mainly space management I 
think), I don't know if QtC support this kind of hooks via plugins thought.

> If you experience any problems or if you have suggestions for improving
> the handling or anything else please do not hesitate and let me know.

OK, thanks,


> Cheers
> Lorenz
> Am 28.04.2015 um 06:11 schrieb Christian Gagneraud:
>> Hi there,
>> I just discovered the beautifier plugin (and just installed, astyle,
>> uncristify and clang-format), has anyone experience feedback about using
>> this plugin? Is there a definition file available somewhere for
>> beuatifying code to the Qt/QtC style?
>> Thx,
>> Krys
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