[Qt-creator] Why QtC does not use QDockWidget for most tool-panel

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Fri Apr 8 12:18:47 CEST 2016

Hi, Hunger Tobias

>> You  have  modes  is  sense  of  layout profiles (I mean which widget are show
>> and where they are) ... and while you can switch
>> modes like for different common tasks this gives you a possibility to show any
>> window side by side with any other window.
>> Which can potentially allow you to see UI-editing windows together with code.
>> Which would be so nice to several monitor configs.
> I think multi-monitor support and dockwidgets are independent issues. We
> definitely want the first, but I do not see a need for the second.
I don't get how you are going to use extra space of another monitor without undocking from main window.
Can you explain this?

>> Modes is bad if they restrict you from showing some info. For me it seems that
>> modes need to be configurable as user wants.
> You are not going to be happy with Qt Creator then.
Mmmm ... what do you want to say with this?

>> Evolution of many IDE's brought them to "DockWidget-everything". And it is
>> clear why.
>> Tons of usability questions disappear from IDE devs became users do layouting.
> Tons of usability questions were moved from the developers (who should care
> about them) to the users (who should not).
Devs should take care of too many use cases (and who knows how many they are for all people).
I explained several of them which seems missing now.
This does not mean that devs do not prepare default layout of panels and everything else for modes.

Idea is to make this layouts changeble by user to allow usability in more use-cases.

>> This whould not hurt anyone.
> This would hurt *everyone*.
> Everyone has less screen space for the important stuff. I routinely demo Qt
> Creator on screens with 1024x768 pixels. Try that with the competition that
> wastes screen space drawing drag handles around everything:-)
QtC already solved docked windows header problems as you may be know for currently undockable windows.
I do not get why you mentioned this as an issue.

> You will also get lots of people wasting time on fiddling with the UI instead of getting their work done.
Why? You are not forced to layout anything before "getting work done".
Those who want layout differently ... can do it.

Currently for example "Property Editor" and "Object Inspector" is undockable.
This does not force you to waste your time on layouting them. You can use them as they are layouted by default.

Hunger Tobias, can you be specific and clear in your ideas ... as soon as many your ideas looks false or require extra questions asked.
And this idea: "You are not going to be happy with Qt Creator then" ... is like ... WHAT?!
Why in the world I would say someone with what they will be happy/not happy?
Moving discussions to emotional states makes them unconstructive. Can we avoid that?

I would suggest here to switch to more detailed discussion of tech ideas without discussion of phylosophical matters (like happyness)?
This is not a questions for devs mailing lists.

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