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Hello Jochen,

Because you are both the developer and the translator of the plugin, it would make sense for you to do a first round of translations before the string freeze of a release (for example, 3.7.0) in the future. That way, you can still fix any problems you find in the source code. I assume that other devs are not likely to change your strings much, even though I might need to fix some issues if you have not asked me to review the new strings. Therefore, it should not be much of a double effort to check the strings again after string freeze and fix any changed strings.


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Hi Jochen,

Please do all corrections to the source code regarding translations in master, so that no translations will be broken in 3.6 branch. 



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I am currently working on the german translation for ModelEditor on
branch 3.6. I learned that I have done a few mistakes in the past, e.g.
using QObject as context for a few strings. May I fix this on the
branch (but possibly break existing translations) or shall I keep it as
is and fix it on master?

I also forgot a small number of tr(). May I add these new translations
on the branch or should I fix this on master?

Regards, Jochen

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