[Qt-creator] Linux 32 bit binaries

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Mon Feb 15 08:10:24 CET 2016

El Thursday 11 February 2016, Ziller Eike escribió:
> Btw,
> make
> INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/qtcreator_tmpinstall make -j1 deployqt bindist_installer
> creates a distributable 7zip, if you have co-workers with the same need.
> S.a. https://wiki.qt.io/Building-Qt-Creator-Packages

I wasn't aware of this, but is pretty good to know, thank you. I find 
convenient to use the latest and greatest, and I might end up sharing this 
with coworkers, since compiling in a slow VM it's painful. :)

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