[Qt-creator] QtC 4.3 cmake-servermode feature - how to disable that?

mapron mapron at yandex.ru
Mon May 29 16:33:26 CEST 2017

On 29.05.2017 16:02, Tobias Hunger wrote:
> Hi Mapron,
> That is how cmake sees your project:-)
Fine, but I don't want its point of view :) previous file-view was ok!
> The only way I can think of is to use a wrapper script that removes 
> the server mode flag from cmake -E capabilities output.
Or use patched cmake, or use patched QtC.
> I do plan to remove the non-server-mode support at some point. 
> Probably when most Linux distributions ship with a server-mode enabled 
> cmake binary.
Such a sad thing.
>     This is blocking me from upgrade to 4.3 release.
> That is unfortunate:-(
More unfortunate for you: I've talked to colleagues today, 5 of them 
uses QtC for development (others MSVS or XCode) - all of them says new 
view is awful for our project. Such a coincedence...
>     Some information: I have around 200 targets, *2 for cmake object
>     libraries (i cant dissable that), plus 5 cmake targets for each
>     app bundle (~15), It totally messed up! 
> So what do you want to see? How can I improve the tree for you?
Please, leave old file tree view - ok, if you want to move entirely to 
server-mode - please, make plain file tree available somehow - it would 
be well acceptable solution! If it can be done, i'll create issue and 
will collect votes for it :)
>     I don't want to see all that (or at lest have multiple level
>     groups like MSVS generator does)
> No idea what MSVS generator does:-(
Project tree with sub and sub-sub folders, setting with 
set_target_properties(${target_list} PROPERTIES FOLDER 
> Creator needs a view of how the build system thinks the project is 
> structured. "Project" is that view.
> We have a lot of people that want a navigation view of the project, 
> which would need to be more configurable:-) I got a bug report for 
> that open for a long time now, but never got around to implement it.
QtC is the best IDE, just do not break it, and it will be fine ;)
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