[Qt-creator] Time to update sdktool's README.

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 23:30:13 CEST 2017

On 28 September 2017 at 22:15, Tobias Hunger <tobias.hunger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> sorry for the Quoting, was responding via phone and gmail:-/ Normally
> that looks decent... at least more so then with my work email:-)

I know the feeling, that my setup too. gmail app on phone is
particularly bad for mailing lists...

>>> - What about target devices?
>>> - What about gdb? (the doc says it's managed with addQt)
>>> Any setting with a XML file should be editable via sdktool.
>> OK, so maybe the documentation should focus on that. are we talking
>> QtC settings xquery path, via sdktool command line argument/option?
>> sdktool --set /xml/path/to/item at type=serialised-content --clear
>> /xml/path/to/another/item --set .. -- clear ...
> This is a dirty little tool I wrote in an afternoon, so no. Nothing as
> fancy as that:-)
> "key" "type:value" is all there is, with key being '/' separated IIRC.
> Never used that tool myself, so I tend to forget the details:-)
>>> - And what about any custom tool running on the target device?
>>> Not supported by sdktool.
>> Well, why not?
> Because those are not saved in XML files.

$ cd ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/
$ ls *.xml
cmaketools.xml  debuggers.xml  devices.xml  profiles.xml
qtversion.xml  toolchains.xml

Am I missing something? Doesn't sdktool affects these files?

>> Let's say i implement a QtC plugin, with my own settings namespace,
>> why shouldn't I be able to use sdktool to communicate settings at
>> install time?
> If you put your settings into an XML file (using the PersistentSettingsReader/
> PersistentSettingsWriter), then you can edit that information via
> sdktool via the generic sdktool addKeys command.
> Of course you can also extend sdktool accordingly.
>> the above xpath thinggy would allow for that, and the documented
>> "<type>:<value>" seem to do that, except that you can only access it
>> if a "--" handler exists in the sdktool's source code.
> The "key" "type:value" works for me without adding "--". I think I
> misunderstand your problem.

What i meant is that "<type>:<value>" are handled by an "Operation"
class (AddQtOperation, AddToolChainOperation , ...), operations have
their own set of --<foo>=<bar>, and these generic key/type/value

But maybe again, i'm misunderstanding something.


> Best Regards,
> Tobias

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