[Qt-creator] kit with sdktool that has empty cmake configuration

Tobias Hunger Tobias.Hunger at qt.io
Fri Nov 16 13:00:36 CET 2018


On 15.11.2018 16:15, Christoph Mathys wrote:
> Hi,
> I use sdktool to create all kit configurations that we use internally
> (debugger, cmake, toolchain, kits). Unfortunately, I still need to
> resort to sed to delete an empty value from the cmake argument list.
> My call to sdktool is about the following:
> sdktool addKit --id kit_gcc49_cmake \
>      --name "Gcc 4.9 cmake" \
>      --debugger gdb_7_11 \
>      --debuggerengine 1 \
>      --Ctoolchain ProjectExplorer.ToolChain.Gcc:tc_gcc49 \
>      --Cxxtoolchain ProjectExplorer.ToolChain.Gcc:tc_gccpp49 \
>      --cmake cmake \
>      --devicetype Desktop \
>      --cmake-config ""
> Leaving out --cmake-config will not write the relevant valuelist
> "CMake.ConfigurationKitInformation" to the file. QtCreator will then
> default to some stuff that we don't want. Passing an empty string as
> above creates the list with an empty <value>-node. Leaving that node
> inside the configuration leads QtCreator to complain with:
> CMake configuration changed on disk.
> Key CMake Project
> <removed>
When does this show?

That message is supposed to be shown when Creator and CMake disagree on 
the settings used in a cmake build directory.

So if you did set up your build directory before, then this is expected.
> Sidenote: sdktool and QtC seem to disagree on the type for debugger EngineType:
> sdktool: <value type="uint" key="EngineType">1</value>
> qtcreator: <value type="int" key="EngineType">1</value>

Please report a bug about stuff like this!

Best Regards,

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