[Qt-creator] Breaking changes from QtCreator 4.10 to 4.11?

Francesc Martinez francescmm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 13:27:21 CET 2020

Hi Eike,

El mié., 19 feb. 2020 a las 13:22, Eike Ziller (<Eike.Ziller at qt.io>)

> The 7zips do not contain it, right. Though we could and should provide the
> sdktool.7z there as well.
> Replacing the content of what the installer installed behind its back will
> probably bite you in other ways as well. The installer keeps a bill of
> materials of things to deinstall for example.
> You can install Qt Creator from the offline installer somewhere else, and
> either set up Qt versions manually, or use a trick to share the setup by
> creating a symbolic links from
> <Qt>/Tools/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/QtProject to the new Qt Creator’s
> share/qtcreator location. Qt Creator 4.12 adds a hint and button that does
> something similar for you directly.

That would solve the issues when installing/uninstalling. The problem
remains in the fact that I have not sdktool but *also *in the fact that Qt
Creator 4.10 doesn't recognize automatically the Kits added with the new

I'm actually more worried about the second thing.

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