[Qt-creator] Few random questions regarding QTC hacking

jeandet alexis.jeandet at member.fsf.org
Thu Mar 19 15:02:00 CET 2020


I started this week to look at QTC code(master branch) to try writing a
meson build plugin from scratch. I've alredy played with QTC code base
in the past but long time ago and using qmake.

So first question, is CMake build ready to use? Looks like no. At least
clang detection/link looks broken:

- with clang 10(packaged) all libs are merged in one so I get loads of:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lclangTooling
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lclangQuery
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lclangTooling
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lclangQuery

- with clang 9(self built) I get this error while linking

"/opt/llvm-9/lib/libLLVMSupport.so.9: error adding symbols: DSO missing
from command line"

Because it ads libraries as if they were objects:

/usr/bin/c++     CMakeFiles/clangrefactoringbackend.dir/clangrefactorin
o  -o ../../../libexec/qtcreator/clangrefactoringbackend  -Wl,-
../../../lib/qtcreator/libclangrefactoringbackend_lib.a -lpthread
/opt/llvm-9/lib/libclang.so.9 /opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangHandleCXX.so.9
/opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangIndex.so.9 /opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangTooling.so.9 
/opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangQuery.so.9 /opt/llvm-
9/lib/libclangDynamicASTMatchers.so.9 /opt/llvm-
9/lib/libclangFrontend.so.9 /opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangSerialization.so.9
/opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangASTMatchers.so.9 /opt/llvm-
9/lib/libclangAST.so.9 /opt/llvm-9/lib/libclangLex.so.9 /opt/llvm-
9/lib/libclangBasic.so.9 /opt/llvm-9/lib/libLLVMCore.so.9
/usr/lib64/libQt5Concurrent.so.5.13.2 /usr/lib64/libQt5Qml.so.5.13.2
/usr/lib64/libQt5Widgets.so.5.13.2 /usr/lib64/libQt5Gui.so.5.13.2
/usr/lib64/libQt5Network.so.5.13.2 /usr/lib64/libQt5Core.so.5.13.2

Second question, is #qt-creator:matrix.org bridged with IRC chan? Where
can I reach devs?

Third question, I saw a mail about Python support in QTC, from the
answer it looks like we can't write a QTC plugin in Python. Is it one
goal to allow python plugins? 

Best regards,

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