[Qtwebengine] Qt 5.4.2 MSVC WebEngine use

Jonathan Delfour JDelfour at slb.com
Fri Apr 22 16:59:54 CEST 2016

Hi, Thanks for the answer.

My application is actually a DLL loaded by an external application and it cannot be simulated outside of this host application as they communicate via RPC and the failure happens after they started to communicate.
Depends.exe does not find any missing direct dependency when I defined my module search order to match what happens and try to load that DLL (it does not go far enough as there is no server listening on the RPC channel).

Anyway, the issue seems to be that this host application does not use Qt built with -opengl. But for my plugin I built it against the Qt -opengl version.
And when loading my plugin it still uses the non opengl version. Mixing binaries leads to crashes.

I am not using QtQuick but still require the opengl support to use QWebEngineView?
Could you please clarify what is required to run web engine?

I solved the Qt Creator issue by assigning the kit (I had it defined but did not find where to assign it :)) and everything works there.


For Qt Creator, it seems it was using a wrong kit, all good now
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> Hi,




> I have a simple C++ (non Qt Quick) application (that does not use .pro

> mechanism) built against the Qt 5.4.2 x64 build (with openGL support).


> As soon as I use the QWebEngineView object in my application, it fails to load

> with a message “Specified procedure could not be found”.


> With the help of gflags, it seems it fails to find the following demangled

> procedure:


>         public: __cdecl QOpenGLWidget::QOpenGLWidget(class QWidget *

> __ptr64,class QFlags<enum Qt::WindowType>) __ptr64

This should be defined in Qt5Widgets (at least if you really configured Qt

with -opengl).

> I am not sure to understand why this cannot be found, I have put for the

> sake of testing all the dll in Qt_DIR\bin next to the application, and all the

> plug-ins.

You should try to open the app in Dependency Walker

(depends.exe, https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.dependencywalker.com&d=CwIGaQ&c=uGuXJ43KPkPWEl2imVFDmZQlhQUET7pVRA2PDIOxgqw&r=wuHNpL4dmBFjCvNbawFkog&m=_y52Rrc9LqzBsH7jBF7J2kAxK8rRu1_oJi-sNPaPeqk&s=EsyA9eWoIgjcS8KER2l0ui1yrgMcLbwuxuRR7HdFxew&e= ). It will first and foremost

show you which libraries are picked up. But it also has a 'Profiler' mode

where you can launch the application, and it will show you in much detail

how also dynamc plugins etc are loaded.

> [...]

> I wanted to try a simple example in Qt Creator 3.6.1 but it complains: Project

> ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webenginewidgets

This hints that the Qt installation is broken, or that you are using the wrong 

Qt (check the 'kit' selected).

> The browser.exe example runs fine (built with visual studio)


> Do you have any idea of what is wrong?

Just that something in your installation/setup is botched ;)



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