[Releasing] Qt 5 sources packaged in bz2 format is truncated/wrong

Keith Isdale keith.isdale at nokia.com
Mon Aug 20 05:11:12 CEST 2012

When attempting to use file like:

I find the file size is about 1.9Mb. From my tests it looks likes the .bz2 version of Qt 5 sources have been problematic since 10th Aug (20012-08-10).

The local system admin has investigated
   *  the Qt .bz2 file on the server are indeed wrong :(
   * using releases.qt-project.org is recommended since that will use the Content Delivery Network(CDN) and work well with the Nokia proxy

  * check the package building script for this issue
  * update the web server configuration for the pages under digia to automaticly mention the size and date of creation for files like that above.

It would also be nice if the package download page would mention the MD5sum text for the files listed issue such as download errors can be detected quickly.

FYI: I have been working on a automated system for Qt package testing which I hope can be contributed to qtrepotools repository which supports manifest and other BAT tests for Qt source/binary packages.

Keith Isdale
Quality Engineer
Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks

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