[Releasing] New Qt5.3 RC snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Apr 15 09:55:45 CEST 2014

Hi all,

New Qt5.3 RC snapshot available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-RC/2014-04-15_58/
Mirroring is still ongoing but most of installers should/will be available, only winRT & combined iOS_Android packages are missing. Those should be there later today...

Please test & verify your fixes, Qt5 changes in these packages:
Patch Set 5:

* qtbase c92fead...0be1c48 (36):
> Cocoa: Dont consume events when closing tool tips
> Doc: document QTimeZone::swap()
> Doc: document obsolete QApplication::setGraphicsSystem()
> Cocoa: Post event to "show()" a modal window
> Cocoa: Send expose event on screen change.
> Cocoa: Set the COCOA_MENU_ANCESTOR() also when syncing
> XCB: Print error code on Xlib I/O errors
> Make Xcode debug info format controllable through a qmake variable
> HB-NG w/CoreText backend: Fix clustering of neutral characters
> Cocoa: Fix DnD when using native widgets.
> QTextImageHandler: Load @2x images on retina
> OS X: Add more text editing key bindings.
> Mac: Implement unified toolbar look for QTabBar
> Cocoa: Update unified toolbar area on toolbar hide
> Fix tst_QListWidget::task217070_scrollbarsAdjusted()
> make cmake registration of qt plugins make use of PLUGIN_EXTENDS
> make QTPLUGIN work in prefix builds for plugins outside qtbase
> automatically link plugins belonging to qt modules when building static apps
> fix typo in qmake source file list
> Doc: Fix template code for unordered lists
> Fix a typo in QBitArray documentation
> QNX: Fix QCompleter autotest
> Support for DH and ECDH key exchange for QSslSocket servers
> Fix crash when trying to place toolbar into zero-height window.
> Change QVERIFY in tst_qnetworkreply to warning.
> QWindowsOpenGLContextFormat: Default to version 2.
> Fix crash in qt_try_modal.
> Add unhandled Android keys.
> QNX: Fix QHeaderView autotest
> QNX: Work around dlclose issue
> Android: Fix compilation on Windows
> Fix out-of-range shifting
> QComboBox: Set the proper font after a MacSizeChange event
> Cocoa: Use private property to enable NSWindow child windows
> QPageSize: remove QPageSize:: overqualifications

* qtdeclarative fc5314f...ff08575 (9):
> Fix assignments of null strings in QML and JavaScript
> V4 IR: only mark blocks after iterator calculation as loop blocks.
> Avoid event propagation with Keys.forwardTo
> Fix the initial value of XmlListModel::count
> Document QJSEngine as reentrant.
> qmlplugindump: set isCreatable true in composite types
> Reduce memory pressure on JS stack when garbage collecting
> Fix unreliable behavior of array methods on qml list properties
> Add support for dynamic properties for QObjects in JavaScript

* qtdoc bd11d74...bcac372 (1):
> Doc: Link to Enginio from All Modules page

* qtenginio 85f3fd0...c7531f6 (2):
> Mark EnginioClientConnection::serviceUrl as public
> Update error message and documentation of EnginioModel::setData()

* qtlocation 400c7fa...3535f5f (1):
> Temporary fix for static build issues on Mac.

* qtmultimedia a7b8872...b33e6d4 (3):
> Android: Release the surface texture when not in use
> Android: Use Q_GLOBAL_STATIC instead of a static QMap
> Android: Fix the signature for setOnInfoListener.

* qtquickcontrols 59a6cb0...53fca45 (3):
> Take into account icon size when determining button size
> Fix the editable delegate in tableview example
> Fix left/right cursor keys in TextArea

* qtsensors 2a503c2...e60743e (1):
> Android, Fix generic access to QAccelerometer

* qttools 8e55ee3...d096e02 (3):
> windeployqt: Fix check for MSVC 64 bit debug build
> Fix check whether PE file is a debug build for MinGW
> Remove exclamation marks from messages

* qttranslations df32d92...6e972b4 (2):
> Russian translation update
> Import Finnish translation from KDE

* qtwebkit 0546c86...57e6650 (1):
> Fix rendering of WebKit2 QML WebView with ANGLE.

* qtwebsockets a69877e...8b9836d (1):
> Use correct casing for WebSocket

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