[Releasing] '5.3.1' branch available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Wed Jun 18 09:13:35 CEST 2014

Hi all!

We have now '5.3.1' branch available for finalizing Qt5.3.1 release content. Please add all missing changes (change files, fixes for new Blockers) immediately & get those integrated as soon as possible (hoping during today) so that we can produce final 5.3.1 candidate packages still during this week. Plan is still to release Qt 5.3.1 during next week so we need to proceed quickly!

'5.3' branch remains locked a while. I'll inform you when '5.3' branch is again open for changes targeted to Qt5.3.2



From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 16. kesäkuuta 2014 15:51
To: development at qt-project.org; releasing at qt-project.org
Subject: 5.3 branch temporarily closed
Importance: High

Hi all,

'5.3' branch (& 'stable' as well) is now temporarily closed because we are branching '5.3.1' from it. We are waiting all existing integrations to finish(either succeed or failed) & merging from 'stable' to '5.3' once again before creating the '5.3.1' branch.
>From now on all changes targeted to Qt5.3.1 needs to be pushed to '5.3.1' branch (there shouldn't be many because most of blockers are already fixed).

I will inform you when '5.3.1' branch is available & when '5.3' branch is opened for changes to Qt5.3.2


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