[Development] UDS feedback

Sergio Ahumada Navea san at sansano.inf.utfsm.cl
Sat May 12 22:01:09 CEST 2012


> 1. Qt SDK vs Ubuntu repo install - Currently, Qt SDK is a separate
> download from Nokia website. Ubuntu packages creator and Qt. This
> could cause confusion as to which to choose. I think the decision made
> here was that this is not entirely solvable since Qt SDK contains much
> more than creator and Qt (it has the sysroots and toolchains required
> for the devices). Is it possible for us to bundle sysroots and
> toolchains separately? That way, ubuntu repos can be the definitive
> place to download creator and qt.

Are you saying that I'll have to download Qt 5 for my Fedora 17 from an 
Ubuntu repository ? I think I didn't understand this point.

> 2. Rename our qt5 tool binaries - the binary names of moc, uic, qmake
> conflict in qt3 and qt4. Now with qt5, we will have another conflict.
> Is it possible to rename all our tool binaries to be moc5, qmake5? Are
> Qt4 qmake and Qt5 qmake completely compatible (I think not). Ossi,
> comments?

Why not to rename qmake (from Qt3 and Qt4) as qmake-qt3 and qmake-qt4 
respectively in the distribution ?

> 4. gerrit does not have a patch download system. For the moment, you
> can use gitorious like
> http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/commit/f1ea4ed3d4b45b2eda0a695c61f743cecc0644da?format=patch

git fetch https://codereview.qt-project.org/p/qt/qtbase 
refs/changes/45/26045/1 && git format-patch -1 --stdout FETCH_HEAD

You can get this link from the Web UI

Sergio Ahumada Navea
san at sansano.inf.utfsm.cl

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