[Development] Documentation Extras (Was: On QML, ownership, QObject-trees and QSharedPointer)

Sivan Greenberg sivan at omniqueue.com
Sun May 27 13:37:12 CEST 2012

Hi All,

 Following the rather interesting discussion that started by Rene[0] ,
I've summarized the bits I believed to be important for others seeking
the same information as he did, and put it on the wiki[1]. I've also
created a new category on the wiki main page, dubbed as 'Documentation

 I think this sort of brief, conclusion and instruction only docs
might be exactly what those developers who cannot allow themselves
hours of reading and are in midst of implementation, seek. If we
accumulate those based on mailing list discussion as in this example,
we'd have a solid base to augment and perfect the docs with, a'la  "In
the hurry" style.

 Christopher, Kent: Could you kindly please review my summary to make
sure is indeed correct, particularly- note which of the listed here[2]
are indeed only available in QtQuick2 part of Qt5?

Many thanks,


[0]: http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2012-May/004049.html
[1]: http://qt-project.org/wiki/SharedPointersAndQmlOwnership
[2] http://qt-project.org/wiki/property-var

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