[Development] (Harmattan) Qt Quick Components & Qt 5

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Thu May 31 09:11:36 CEST 2012

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 09:04:59 AM ext Alberto Mardegan wrote:
> On 05/30/2012 09:28 PM, Quim Gil wrote:
> > Question: do you believe there is a value in promoting an effort to port
> > those components here and now?
> Yes! While not perfect, these components are working generally well and
> having them in Qt 5 would make it easier for Harmattan developers to
> port their applications to Mer/Nemo (http://www.merproject.org/) and,
> with little adjustment in the components style, to Android and the
> Raspberry Pi.
> > Anybody else thinking or working along
> > these lines?
> Not yet. But when I'll start porting my application to the Raspberry Pi
> I'll probably have to do something about them. :-)

Please re-use the existing port of Qt Quick Components to Qt 5 before starting 
a new effort.

One note about Qt 5 on the N9: If you guys are serious about shipping apps 
with it, then I think it will be necessary to implement some sort of 
background mode that grabs the contents of the canvas (downloads), drops all 
GL resources and from that point on blits that old snapshot of the application 
content until we come into the foreground again. This will require a dedicated 
platform plugin, because the code for listening to the meegotouch property 
changes doesn't really fit into the xcb backend IMHO. I don't think live 
updates for a backgrounded Qt 5 applications are feasible.

Without such a mode a backgrounded application continues to consume a lot of 
GPU resources that won't be accessible for other apps - slowing down the 
entire device.


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