[Development] Running qtbase auto tests on reference device.

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Haven't worked on CI things for years. Looks like I missed sth here.

You could find(git grep) "TESTRUNNER" in qtqa repo, https://github.com/qtproject/qtqa . You could get an xml result file for each auto test, then use some script to gather them and generate full report.

But I really don't know the details about how those parts worked in current CI system. The QA or CI guys could give more details.

Current CI set-up is indeed using scripts located in qtqa repo. It is not using testrunner directly but trough testscheduler script, located in same repo. All test scripts, which CI is using are relying  on Makefile’s check target. So if you want to use those scripts to run test in target device, you need to copy/mount the whole src tree to your device like Thiago said or at least the build dir if running shadow build. And in addition you naturally need perl in your device. If both of these reqs do match, there is no problem running the tests with same scripts as what CI is using. Another approach is what CI is currently trying to use with Android. In qtbase/tests/auto/android there is Android specific testrunner script which builds individual tests, deploys it, runs it and returns the test results.
So currently there isn’t any common/preferred way of running tests on ref device. If someone comes up with proper solution, I can give it a spin in CI.



On 24 October 2013 15:27, Liang Qi <cavendish.qi at gmail.com<mailto:cavendish.qi at gmail.com>> wrote:
Not sure how those auto tests work on android and ios these days.

But in Qt 4 with Symbian ages, we have a tool, runonphone, which could deploy application and relative resources to devices and run it on device, if I don't remember wrong.


BTW, there is another tool for wince, cetest.


And in mkspecs/features/testcase.prf file, you have a TESTRUNNER to control how to run the tools like above runonphone. Then "make check" in tests/auto is enough for you.



On 23 October 2013 22:50, Tomasz Olszak <olszak.tomasz at gmail.com<mailto:olszak.tomasz at gmail.com>> wrote:
I wanted to run qtbase auto tests on Tizen device. I googled a little but didn't find any relevant howto so I assumed that I cross compile tests and copy to device. I created rpm with Qt tests and ran them one by one with shell script. Is it accepted approach or perhaps there is other standard way of running tests on platform that they are not built on?

I am asking because I noticed e.g. that some tests depends that they are executed directly from test executable directory.

regards ,
Tomasz Olszak

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