[Interest] Bluetooth on Windows 10

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Mon Jul 23 17:17:08 CEST 2018

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> I have already read many posts on this topic, but I cannot understand the
> following statement in the documentation:
> "Despite there not being a Win32 port yet, the WinRT backend is automatically
> used if the win32 target platform supports the required WinRT APIs. Minimal
> requirement is Windows 10 version 1507 with slightly improved service discovery
> since Windows 10 version 1607. Therefore Windows 7 and 8.x targets are
> excluded."

The Win32 build will silently use WinRT-only API to enable this feature. This works because we can assume that the relevant windows builds have the required API. There is a runtime check that guards the implementation.

> Does it mean QBluetooth (regular) will work on Windows 10 version 1803 out of
> the box? 

Yes, it should.


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