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Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Tue Jul 24 14:11:31 CEST 2018

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> I'm trying to A2DP/HFP connection via bluetooth in qml. I can list available
> devices and find their addresses but I can't make the connection.

Making a A2DP/HFP connection in QML is not very useful as you cannot handle binary data in QML. Sending strings to the socket from QML is almost never what your remote device/service expects (unless you have a chat server). I strongly recommend doing this in C++.
> In Qt official page it says you can use "BluetoothSocket" to make connection but
> in my scan there is no service found.

Please try the qml_chat example together with tests/bttestui. The qml_chat should be started after the bttestui app was started and the device put in discovery mode and the server was started (SListenPort/SListenUuid). qml_chat uses the BluetoothSocket QML type.

> Above my "BluetoothDiscoveryModel" when I make
> "discoveryMode: BluetoothDiscoveryModel.DeviceDiscovery" I can list all
> devices.
> But when I make "discoveryMode:
> BluetoothDiscoveryModel.FullServiceDiscovery" there is no result.

Using the above example/test setup above I was just able to create a connection between Android (running bttestui) and Linux/Bluez5 (running qml_chat)


P.S. I recommend enabling logging via
QLoggingCategory::setFilterRules(QStringLiteral("qt.bluetooth* =  true"));
In your main(). 

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